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Export Voucher Service

JP TRANS is a designated execution company for export voucher in international transport division organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and operated by the Korea International Logistics Association.

  • Candidate : Selected companies for export voucher requiring an international transport
  • Contents : Air export, ocean export fare (FCL, LCL), and cargo insurance coverage
Export Voucher International Transport Division Coverage Scope
Maximum Settleable Amount KRW20,000,000
Settleable Service
  • (Common) International transport fares and insurance premiums borne by exporters
  • C (CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP) and D (DAP, DPU, DDP) conditions according to Incoterms
    * Fuel surcharges, security surcharges, and low sulfur surcharges included in transportation charges
       can be settled
  • Paid sample transport
  • Transport fee for entry into B2C and B2B platforms like Amazon FBA
Unsettled Service
  • Domestic fares, handling charge, and expenses incurred in the destination country
  • Physical distribution cost (PD Cost) for importing raw and subsidiary materials to manufacture exports
  • Physical distribution cost for exporting raw materials (intermediate goods) from its local corporation
    (production corporation)
    * At the request of the operating institution, it is required to submit documents providing the is not
       a local corporation or branch of the participating enterprise
  • All kinds of public utility charges incurred in domestic and destination countries, such as duties and
    importer tax
  • Document delivery fee
  • Transport costs between countries other than Korea (abroad to abroad)
  • Local inland transport costs
  • All expenses incurred in illegal activities such as express charge, other items of expenditure with
    insufficient evidence
  • Free sample transport
Evidential Document
  • Proof of Export Clearance
    • Invoice (C/I or P/I)
    • Bill of Lading (B/L)
    • Packing List (P/L)
  • Proof of Execution
    • Tax invoice issued by execution agency
    • Shipping quotation issued by shipper
    • Pledge of prevention of fraud (execution and participants) / Annex 10-1

▶ Exporter and importer must match in the submitted documents to be recognized as a proof

▶ Exporters must be participating companies and importers must be local traders on paper

  • Export Voucher Website :
  • JP TRANS Representative : 한큰솔 과장 / 02-6965-3612